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Our carefully designed futsal program is dedicated to cultivating the future generation of futsal players. With a comprehensive approach encompassing both tactical and technical training sessions, our program aims to equip players born between 2018 and 2010 with well-rounded technical abilities. By immersing them in a structured curriculum, we foster their technical proficiency while also instilling a deep understanding of the tactical nuances of futsal. Join our program today to unlock your potential and embark on a journey towards becoming a well-rounded futsal player of the next era.

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  • This program is available for intermediate to advanced skill level players. (We do offer individual/private development sessions for players of all levels including beginners).

  • Players can sign up for a single drop in session or they can sign up for multiple sessions in a month as a bundle for a discounted rate.

  • Sessions are currently open to boys and girls in the age groups born between 2011 - 2016. 

  • Program includes short sided games such as 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 2v1, and more. 


  • Players need futsal shoes or tennis shoes. (No soccer cleats!)


  • Development focus:

    • Technique, dribbling, passing, shooting, etc.

  • Tactics:

    • Player Positioning, Defending, attacking, movement on and off the ball, etc.

  • Fitness:

    • Speed, footwork, coordination, reactions, etc.

Please choose your players age group below!

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