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Our seasonal soccer camps are thoughtfully structured to provide participants with the opportunity to learn and apply soccer concepts in a competitive environment against other participants.

Our camps offer a plethora of benefits!

First off, we provide a chance for youth athletes to break away from their routine and explore new environments. This can help them develop a sense of independence and resilience. Socially, camps foster teamwork and communication skills, as campers often collaborate on various activities. The diverse range of activities offered at camps also allows individuals to discover and nurture their talents and interests.


Furthermore, we help create a unique and supportive environment for building lifelong skills and friendships and ensure that players have the freedom to operate within their customary positions on the field. Players will experience the following:

  • Elite Competition

  • Position Specific Training

  • New Soccer Ideas and concepts

  • Fun!


  • This camp is available for intermediate to advanced skill level players. (We do offer individual/private development sessions for players of all levels including beginners).

  • Players can sign up for single/multi-day camp sessions in or they can sign up for the full camp for a discounted rate.

  • Camps are currently open to boys and girls in the age groups born between 2011 - 2016. 


  • Players need TF boots or cleats.


  • Development focus:

    • Technique, dribbling, passing, shooting, cognitive learning etc.

  • Tactics:

    • Player Positioning, defending, attacking, movement on and off the ball, etc.

  • Fitness:

    • Speed, footwork, coordination, reactions, etc.

We will be offering two camps this summer!

 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Chino Hills, CA

Camp 1: June 18th - 21st

Camp 2: July 23rd - 26th

Please click the button below to sign up!


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